HISTORY:  Upcountry Children’s Giving Circle was founded in the winter of 2011, by Lesley Alexander, with the thought that very small donations could make a huge impact on children’s lives.

Her first step was to talk with friends and ask for micro-donations to buy small things like a pair of shoes for a student that couldn’t attend PE classes; iTunes cards for teachers to buy apps for the iPads they used in their classrooms; fruit to make smoothies to begin an ongoing project teaching special needs students how to handle money and understand what it’s like to have a job; tools, compost, and seeds for the Kalama student garden; and there, the list begins…

Then, with the approval of the nonprofit 501c3 status in 2012, Lesley and Board of Directors were able to think bigger and look forward to a complete circle of giving.

Upcountry Children’s Giving Circle is excited to start a community of support on Maui that will help children within public education be the best they can be, as well as bring young people together through helping others.