Food Incentives for After-School RTI Math Tutoring-Maui High

On September 1, 2014, we delivered half of the snacks requested for the entire year by Heidi Hughes to assist her in tutoring math students after school at Maui High. We delivered the balance of the snacks in January 2015.

“My name is Heidi Hughes and I am working with Kate Walholm on the RTI program at Maui High.  We hope to have between 20 and 25 students meet twice a week after school for the remainder of the school year.  We would love to provide them with a snack to refuel their brains before they get started on an hour of intensive math work.  We estimate needing about 1,200 snacks. I priced out crackers and granola bars at Costco (a few of which are on sale right now).  Below is a listing of the snacks and cost per package.

  • Hawaiian Soda Crackers $7.00 * 7 packages = $49
  • Nature Valley Crunchy Granola Bars $12.50 * 7 packages = $87.50 (If you get the Nature Valley Trail Mix Granola Bars they are on sale for $8.89 *7 packages = $62.23.)
  • Kirkland soft & Chewy Granola Bars $9.40 * 7 packages = $65.80
  • Quaker Chewy variety pack Granola Bars $10.70 * 7 packages = $74.90
  • Total for 28 packages is $277.20 plus tax is about $288.98.

The total cost was $291.48.  Here is Heidi’s comment below:

“It was great to meet you today, Debra. Thank you for delivering our goods to our door. We are excited to be offering this program to our students.  We know that they will need the food to fuel their brains during this after school program.”~ Heidi Hughes