Funded Projects 2012 – 2013!

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Fall 2012 – Project Adventure Counseling – UCGC funded Kalama Intermediate School Counselor, Dede Dibiase ‘s request for $300.00 to purchase props and materials to engage at risk boys in group counseling without the outdoor elements.  “My long term goal” Dede wrote,  “which may not be realized while the kids are even here at Kalama,  is for my kids to have a sense of worth, a positive place in society where they feel comfortable with what they have to offer, be it leader, follower, idea guy, planner, executioner of the idea, and/or problem solver.  In the short term I want them to feel accepted, understood, and that a kid like them can learn in a variety of ways”.     Kalama Counseling Department matched UCGC donation creating the means to sustain and quality program for middle school upcountry kids!    Spring 2013 – Assistive Technology Resource Fair  in Partnership with Maternal & Child Health LEND  Maui Academy (MCH LEND) – UCGC provided $100.00 in  Itunes apps for three IPADs donated by MCH LEND to allow parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to borrow and experiment with this technology to increase communication and social behavior.   UCGC also purchased switches to allow families to build simple tech devices for children with physical mobility impairment.  ...

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Funded Projects! 2011 – 2012

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October 2011  Project – Smoothie Project at King Kekaulike High School –   Teacher Mara Murphy worked several weeks with her special needs students to structure a business plan making the project operational by end of January 2012.  The Project immediately became self supporting active through end of May 2013. Let me have teacher Mara Murphy tell you in her own words how exciting the project was for her kids:    I am happy to report that we sold 150 smoothies on our first day!!!  We opened shop on Friday, and it went better than I thought it would.  Our students were so excited.   We are putting together an envelope of thank you cards this week.  I want to send pictures as well, and didn’t have time to take them on Friday.   Thanks again for your donation, it would not have been possible to do this without it. Steve made this process very easy by giving us the idea and the outline.    We have some kinks to work out in the next few weeks, but the business part of it will be easy.  It was finding the money to get started that was the hardest part of this process.  Again, thanks so much for thinking of us.  We are all so excited and can’t wait to see how this does long term.   Mara November 2011 Project – Kalama Intensive Learning Center – Two areas of support –  2 students received new sports shoes so they could participate in PE. Both boys can excel on the playing field and these shoes gave them incentive to attend school and participate. The remaining money was used to support the Program’s garden.  It was a bumper harvest of cucumbers, zucchini and herbs. December 2011 Project – King Kekaulike High School Best Buddies –  KKHS has one of the 3 Best Buddies Programs in the state.  Best Buddies is an international program that connects youth and young adults with intellectual disabilities with non-disabled friends. Below is a link to the Hawaii website.  Our Giving Center hosted the group in a Christmas Party held a few days before school got out. Our January 2012  Project provided  ITunes funds to teachers and speech language pathologists who are using IPADs for their children with Autism. There are some very promising apps that encourage, develop and expand communication for children with Autism. A few select schools have purchased IPADs,  but due to the crazy limitations placed on DOE funds, the teachers and speech language pathologists must use their own money to create and purchase the apps from their own I Tunes accounts.   If you received an ITunes gift card for Christmas that is just floating around your purse or desk,  I can put it to good use!   Here is a great article from the NYT that describes the apps that teachers are using:       In early January we received a generous donation of $200.00 worth of Itunes gift cards!  Maui District Speech Language Pathologists met in February 2012 and two received a $50.00 card to further work with children with communication deficits.   We distributed 2 more $50.00 cards – at the Maui Conference of the  Learning Disabilities Association of Hawaii  (LDAH) we  gifted one to a family who had also received an IPAD from LDAH.   We gifted the last one to Scott Takakura – Special Education Department Chair Maui Waena Intermediate School for his work in the M & M Event. February 2012 Project, Kalama Intermediate Garden –  Debra Morrill, John Mills, & Jennifer Lynn are supporting the Kalama ILC Garden Project. Hear it from Debra: Jennifer...

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