About Us

Upcountry Children’s Giving Circle is a resource center for individual students, parents, teachers, administrators and volunteers.

We seek to fill the needs of children where other funding does not reach.  But, we don’t stop there…

Please join us in our Maui circle of giving, as the giver or as the receiver. Both are needed to complete the circle of support. We look forward to working together!





You can become a donor to help fund projects in our community that support children and youth by donating any amount you choose. Make a one-time donation online through PayPal, or choose to make it an ongoing donation by clicking on the recurring payment button on PayPal.

Current/Ongoing Projects

Kula School Agricultural Science Program- November 2017

In May of 2017, we decided to expand our giving circle and give in a more committed, ongoing way. Kula Elementary School Principal Chris Bachaus began working on a project to help students that were struggling with STEM classes. Many of his students just weren’t getting the basic concepts behind their classroom-based lessons, so he decided to teach them in a functional, project-based environment: a farm…